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At a time when the world began dictating everyone's moves, Debbie-Jane had the courage to rise up, follow her intuition and speak her truth in front of thousands of people.
This podcast is all heart.
It's unedited & unfiltered and will inspire and uplift you to reach new heights in every area of your life.




Welcome to Quantum Coaching, where quantum empowerment meets transformative coaching for soul-driven women ready to thrive in both life and business.

As a Quantum Coach + Practitioner, I specialise in merging cutting-edge frequency and energetics with proven marketing strategies, empowering you to amplify your own unique frequency, income and impact in the world.

Whether you're navigating a career transition or seeking to elevate your existing business to new heights, Everything is possible. My personalised coaching programs and Frequency School guide you home to yourself and harness the power of somatics, energetics, and strategic marketing to unlock rapid growth and sustainable transformation at a cellular level.

Ready to step into your highest potential and amplify your frequency, income and impact in your soul-aligned life and business?  

Your vision and mission is waiting for you to take the first step.  You've got this.
I love you! 

Debbie-Jane xx


Have you ever felt stuck and depleted, wondering why things aren't flowing in your life and business? The answer often lies in the balance of your energy and frequency.

What if you could deeply connect with your soul's mission, elevate your vibration, and start manifesting phenomenal results? The good news is, you can! By weaving cutting-edge quantum tools, soul-aligned strategy & devotion, we create a special kind of magic.

Join me on a transformative journey to elevate your life and business to the next level of abundance and freedom.


Debbie-Jane has been the demonstration of courage under fire, a woman who stands in her truth and is unwavering in the face of adversity. Not only has she spoken in front of thousands of people, sharing her truth, wisdom and knowledge, she now mentors and guides other trailblazer women who know they are here to make a difference. in the world.

Known for her warm authenticity, liberating truth, and down-to-earth approach, Debbie-Jane creates a nurturing and nourishing environment  where people feel safe to share and navigate all the pieces to break through to the next level of their soul-aligned life and legacy.



Debbie-Jane is one of the rare ones...

This woman’s heart will change your life! 
I’ve seen her unwavering commitment to truth and love, and have witnessed her genuine motivation to serve and support women from a wholehearted place. 

Debbie is one of the rare ones in the arena of personal growth! 
She has all the official qualifications, training and modalities to draw upon but what sets her apart in this space is her fierce commitment and love for supporting others.  No one is more qualified than this woman to hold profound space for healing, embodiment and opening to the truth of who you are.  I trust this woman implicitly and cannot recommend her highly enough.  If you’ve been lead to Debbie you are in the right place. 

-Jaimee Leigh C.

If you’ve been
feeling stuck she's your girl

I was feeling so overwhelmed with my business and life.  After working with Debbie she has helped me gain so much clarity about why I felt the way I did and exactly how to change it. I have now implemented the tools and practices into my daily life and they have been completely life changing. I literally would not have taken the action I did, without her wisdom, knowledge and guidance. 

-Krystal K

Life Changing 

Debbie-Jane has been guiding and supporting me as we navigate the inner world of my little man who has complex needs.  I also run a business from home, and had been feeling so overwhelmed with what my next best step was. 
With Debbie's guidance plus implementing the bioresonance therapy daily we have all had a profound experience!
My son got student of the week last week for his efforts and I have so much more clarity and peace of mind in my business. New opportunities are presenting themselves effortlessly and I could not feel more blessed and excited for what's coming!

-Tiffany C.